China Town vs Korea Town

There have been many articles on the difference between China Town and Korea Town. But not like this one before. China Town and Korea Town are in many cities of the world, but in Toronto it is like having Shanghai and Seoul in the city. Let’s take a look at the amazing food these two towns offer and then compare to which one is better.


China Town

It is much warmer hanging in China Town than hanging elsewhere. The cool thing about Toronto is that you can get just about any International cuisine you want. If you have a craving for di sum and wandering around in Chinatown, make sure you order an hour before the craving. Like many cities around the world, Toronto has a thriving Chinatown. This can be a really fun neighborhood to explore with lots of shops, eateries, and outdoor markets offering a good bargain. The main intersections for Chinatown are Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, and you can then explore the side streets from there. Make sure you check out Kensington Market. This is a really artsy area with lots of graffiti, markets and shops so it’ll be fun. Let’s go have a look. From Chinatown it’s just a short walk over to Kensington Market, where you’ll definitely want to wander with a camera in hand. Kensington Market offers an eclectic mix of hippie markets, vintage boutiques, record stores, hole in the wall bars, little bakeries, and so much more. Next up, we have the Royal Ontario Museum and it’s striking exterior known as the Crystal. It is the largest museum in Canada and covers everything from dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt.

Korea Town

Best place for Korean food! You may find places that specializes in stone pot rice but first up you must eat the banchan which are the side dishes. They’ve got some kimchi, spicy fermented cabbage. The favorite Korea dish that every Canadian craze for is Dolsot Bibimbap. And it is a stone pot Korean rice with assorted vegetables, a little bit of meat and my personal favorite ingredient – the red pepper paste called gochujang. You may also add some extra gochujang sauce. It adds the spice and is very authentic. Just like it is having back in Seoul. The spicy kimchi stew or soup has lots of tofu. You may also try sundubu kimchi jiggae which is a great drink for spicy people. Yes, this drink is really spicy, and you may have a runny nose after eating this intensely spicy dish. Aside from delicious food, you can also find bubble tea shops, stationary stores, and noraebang if you want to sing karaoke into the night.


In our review, we find the China Town more classical and amazing with lots of graffiti and exciting food. You can also let us know whether you are satisfied with our conclusions or not. You can subscribe to our blog to get daily emails on various articles on travel and leisure.